Baby too big for bassinet but not ready for crib?

If your baby is too big for the bassinet but not quite ready to move to a crib, there are a few options you can consider. One option is to use a playard or Pack 'n Play as a temporary sleeping space. These types of portable cribs are larger than bassinets and can accommodate babies up to around 35 inches in length. You could also consider using a mini crib, which is a smaller version of a standard crib and may be a good option for a baby who is too big for a bassinet but not yet ready for a full-size crib. Another option is to move your baby to a full-size crib with a lower height setting. This will allow your baby to sleep in a larger space while still being protected by the sides of the crib. As always, be sure to follow safe sleep guidelines and make sure your baby is placed on a firm, flat surface with a fitted sheet.